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A New Day and a True (authentic, empowered) You!


What is inspiring you to move forward powerfully today?


Are you saying YES to the questions below?


  1. ___Yes      ___ No       I know what I want to achieve/attain/accomplish.

  2. ___Yes      ___ No       I have a plan for achieving it.

  3. ___Yes      ___ No       I have access to the resources I need.

  4. ___Yes      ___ No       All involved are fully engaged in the plan.

  5. ___Yes      ___ No       I have built in the accountability I need to be successful.

  6. ___Yes      ___ No       I think it will be worth my time.

  7. ___Yes      ___ No       I am energized to do this!


When I look back on this year, what I want to be able to say is:




Let’s work together to create a strong “YES” column above, and create your desired future!


Call or email me to move forward powerfully together! Rachelle@coachrachelle.com, or (913)827-8282.

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