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Happy Sweet ’16!

As I was growing up, I could hardly wait to turn 16! It would mean some significant things!  Finally I would…

Be legal to drive.

Be independent.

Take my friends out.

Get a real part time job, beyond babysitting!

And at last, I’d get to wear makeup and start dating!

Finally, I would be Sweet 16 and the world would be my oyster!

Well, it’s here again! Sweet 2016. The year has arrived. What is it that you have been longing to do, waiting for this time to arrive? Now you have it – it’s your very own “Sweet 16” and only you can say what it is that you will finally give yourself permission to do this year!

This year I give myself permission to:




THE CHALLENGE: Take action in the next 3 days to begin movement with your Sweet 16 activities! (Inside tip: Only you can give yourself permission to do what it is you''ve been waiting to begin!)

Best to you,

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