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Are you running your business, or is your business/career running you?

(Week 8 of a 10 week series)


# 8 Lighten Up!


Are you enjoying your work? Do you tend to take it all too seriously? Integrate play, joy and fun into your business practice (as appropriate) then season it with lightness, and play daily!


It can be as simple as finding humor in the day and taking yourself less seriously. It may be calling a business associate to share a thank you, or taking your team out for lunch.


Here is a simple list of ways to lighten up - feel free to add your own:


* Share a resource with a business associate


* Laugh at yourself or your challenging situation


* Throw a cush ball back and forth


* Make a lunch date and keep it


* Take a client or co-worker to the park and feed the ducks


* Bring in ice cream for everyone


* Have a monthly drawing for a simple (or extravagant)give-away "just because"


* Don't take things personally


* Show your appreciation -say thanks, send a note, take them to lunch, give them the cush ball, etc.


* Others? Create your own here:



This week I will lighten up by implementing the following, and I will be kind to myself as I practice something new! ____________________________________________________________



Your tips from the last seven weeks of the series.


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