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Rachelle Huddleston, MS, PCC
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The Coaching Clinic:
Coaching skills for managers

Does your organization need to develop talent? Maximize your talent potential by empowering your Managers with Coaching skills. Coaching provides development at an individual, team and organizational level. Create a culture shift to getting results through coaching. One and two day training options available. Licensed Facilitator through Corporate Coach U.
Understanding Yourself and
Others for Successful Relationships

A great team builder! Rachelle delivers a powerful and playful workshop where participants assess their own personality style. Four colors are used to describe personality styles and how they relate, or don't always relate, to each other. You will gain insight into your own personality style, while gaining a better understanding of how to relate to other personality styles at work, at home and in social relationships.
Half day or full day workshop designed to promote team-building and relationship enhancement. (True Colors and Personality Dimensions Certified facilitator)

Your next
Identify your next step(s) as an organization, navigate obstacles, and create a plan to move it forward. Powerful for moving your goals forward!

Strengths, Needs, and ACTION!
Assess your team's unique strengths and needs in a relaxed environment. Rachelle facilitates in partnership with your team as they create action steps to support the team's success in meeting organizational goals.

Design Your Best Life, and Live It!
Give yourself the gift of the life you desire! Assess your life satisfaction and begin redesigning your life. Align your goals with your values, identify personal strengths, tame your inner critic and create your action plan in a way that promotes success.

Limits, Laughter and Living Life Well
Balancing life and being well - this workshop has participants assessing and creating life-balance, and challenging them to make life grand!

Spring Cleaning for Life
Great for a spring gathering or retreat, Rachelle's style lends itself to helping participants identify and "clean up" the things that keep them from pursuing and achieving their desired life or career path.

Heat Up Your Back Burner Dream
Rachelle creates a supportive space where participants are challenged to play with the possibility of turning their "back burner dream" into reality.

Creating Your Impossible Future
We all have a hope or vision about what we want our life to become. This workshop looks at how to take a stand for your Impossible Future and begin to bring it into existence. Based on the work of Robert Hargrove.

Clearing a Path to Your Best Life
What stands in the way of living your life the way you want it? This interactive workshop has participants learning how to identify and eliminate "tolerations" and creating new personal limits that support growth and success.

Behavioral Health Training
Rachelle has delivered multiple trainings to numerous training behavioral health professionals in a progressive approach for working with children and families in Arizona, called the Child and Family Team process. She brings a great deal of experience as a clinician, a coach and as a program supervisor implementing the model in the behavioral health system in Maricopa county, the largest county in Arizona.

Personality Dimensions Certified Facilitator
True Colors Certified Facilitator
Coaching Clinic Licensed Facilitator
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