A Daily Action Pack

A daily action pack is 2-4 powerful goals you identify to complete each day this week.  What ever you want to accomplish that day, put it in writing and then do it!  Your daily action packs may be related to your theme and intentions for the  year, and they may be related to handling the small things you need to accomplish.  Examples for a daily action pack:

 My Daily Action Pack

  • clarify with spouse/partner my need for 1 hour of alone time in evening
  • Identify the top three changes needed to improve morale on team at work
  • Schedule time with staff (or supervisor) to discuss action plans for top three changes needed
  • Call friend at another agency to let him/her know I appreciated our talk last week

Some considerations:

  • It takes less than two minutes to create your daily action pack.   
  • Keep your actions specific and attainable.
  • Jot them down in your day planner, or send yourself an email reminding you to complete your action pack. 
  • Enjoy knowing you completed what you set out to do each day! 

My Daily Action Pack for Today:

Let me know how the daily action pack works for you.

Keep Moving in the direction of your dreams,


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