A Victim of Your Schedule

Ever felt like your schedule had control of you, rather than creating your schedule so that you could be the manager of your day?  Here are some “symptoms”  that your schedule may be taking over your life: For example, if you…

  • Are frequently heard voicing concerns due to your many scheduled duties
  • Feel trapped by the tightness of your schedule
  • See yourself as a slave to your schedule
  • Perceive a lack of choice in your scheduling decisions
  • Want to run away and start over with a clean schedule
  • Begin to resent the schedule and those who are filling it

If this is your experience, it may be time to review and renegotiate your commitments.  Yes, even if you have to squeeze it into the schedule!  

See what you can eliminate, delegate or reduce.  Consider adding resources to reduce your commitments.  For instance, if you drive your child to school and soccer practice daily, consider a car pool to reduce your duties as the “parent-taxi.”  If you have extra-curricular meetings most evenings, maybe it’s time to turn in a resignation, or make a plan to reduce your commitments by phasing them out over the next three months. 

Get real with why you have agreed to be so busy, and then debate the truth you have been telling yourself.  For instance, the parent-taxi may be telling her/himself that “if I don’t do this, I am not a good parent.”  Is that really true?  And how is that thinking serving you? What could you tell yourself instead that would allow for more peace inside?

This is your life! Challenge the thinking that leads to this uncomfortable and overstressed life style and begin to create space in your schedule for the things you truly need to be your best self.  Call me if I can support you in this process of taking back your schedule and your life.

One thing I will do this week to create a schedule that works for me: ________________

Design it the way you want it,


Be heard. Be challenged. Become!

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