Get *SMART with Goal Setting!

Last week you determined your top three intentions for the year. Intentions are those large, overarching statements about what you want to create for your life and/or business this year.

It’s time to craft your goals to support reaching those intentions. Goals are more specific and include measurable actions that help you move fully into your intended business and life.

Research studies have shown that when you write down your goals, you get better results!

This week I want to invite you to write down at least two goals for each of your intentions this year. If you already have written goals, or if you are writing down goals for the first time, make your goals *SMART:

Specific – Saying “I will grow my business,” may lead you in the right direction, but when you specifically state how or what will grow, such as “I will increase my billing by 20% in the next three months by spending one hour a day calling at least three potential customers to acquire additional business,” that give you a clear target with specific action to get you there.

Measurable – As stated above, give each goal a measurable outcome so you can see if you are reaching, or even exceeding it! If you are not achieving your desired outcome, your measures will let you know that you may need a new action step to achieve the goal.

Achievable – Put intermediate, “stepping stone goals” in place to get to your overall goal. For instance, if you want to hire 5 new sales people this year, write down the dates that you will have hired each of them. This will keep you on target and make the steps manageable.

Realistic and Results oriented – Maybe you want to double the size of your business, but saying that you will do it by next week is probably not likely. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time and resources needed to make it possible to achieve your goal.

Time limited – Put target completion dates on your goals, post them where you can see them, and review your goals daily. This will keep you focused on creating your intended results.

My SMART Goals for my top intention this year:

1.    ___________________________________

2.    ___________________________________

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