Opening The Gift

At special times of the year we are given the opportunity to open gifts from those who care about us, and for most people that is a delightful experience.

But when was the last time you opened a gift from deep within yourself?  What special dream, talent or desire lies deep within you, waiting to be expressed?

I just spoke with a friend who has longed to connect with her artistic gift, and after many years of contemplating it, has now committed to expressing her talent by taking art classes at a local studio.  No one knows where this will lead, and that is perfect! It makes life much more of an adventure when we take action,  without attachment to the outcome.

 So today I want to encourage you to look inside your Self and see the gift that longs to be opened.

Declare what gift lies within you that the longs to be opened: ___________________

One way you will begin expressing it: ______________________________________

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