Recharge in 59 seconds!

If you could start your day off super-charged, would you? And what if you could refocus and center yourself in 59 seconds to be at your best?

Today I challenge you to begin practicingThe 59 Second “Gratitation.”

“Gratation” is a combination of two words – gratitude and meditation, and here’s how it works:
Begin by closing your eyes and taking a deep, cleansing breath (maybe even two if you need them!)
Then, for the next 59 seconds, begin to see your blessings floating across a clear blue sky. See people, places, your health, a kind act, your intelligence, a beautiful painting, the color of grass, the creative ideas you have, etc., all just floating by like a great movie rolling across a beautiful blue sky. After a few seconds, take anther deep breath and smile, knowing that your life is a gift.  And make it a great day!

Five things you will put in yourGratitation movie clip today:

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