Reset Your Default

I recently learned how to reset my “default setting” for the text font on my email. The default setting had been a Times New Roman font and I really prefer Arial, so I was pleased to learn how to reset the default. This led me to think about the ways in which we react to situations in life. We tend to respond with a “default setting” based on our usual thoughts and emotions. For instance, if you hear that your company is downsizing, what is your default setting (or natural reaction)? For many this information would raise issues of fear and uncertainty. And that would be really reasonable. But how about the possibility of adjusting your default setting based on information you have, such as knowing that you’ve always been able to find a job in the past, and are completely capable of doing again. Or even believing that you will find a better job making more money due to the work experience you have gained!

Often we give ourselves a limiting message based on our default setting, without realizing that the way we are thinking about the situation causes our emotional response, and frequently ends up impacting our actual results. So this week I invite you to create a new default setting!

One situation (personal or professional) where your “default response” is set in a way that limits your joy or success: ______________________

A more beneficial default setting you can put in it’s place: _____________________________________________________

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