Say “No More” To Get More

Want to make a change in your life or your business, but not getting the results you desire? I use to think that affirming your desired future was enough, but now I am convinced that affirming is only “part one” of a two part process to change.

Here’s the key:  Say “No More” to all of the things that kept you from getting more.

After affirming the change you want to make, it is essential to take a stand for that change. This happens when you stop permitting things to continue the old way – even when it hurts to do so. There is often a price for saying “No More,” however, the ultimate payoff is that you create your life and your business as you want them to operate.

For instance, if you decide to increase the quality of customer service at your business, and your employees are showing up for work 15 minutes late daily, it is time for you to say “No More.” When you no longer accept the old behavior, and are willing to do what is needed to create increased customer service, you will get more. You may have to use positive reinforcement, or even negative consequences to highlight the fact that you are saying “No More,” but the end result is that you will make room for what you really want in your business and in your life.

This week I encourage you to say “NO MORE” to get more!

One way I will say “NO MORE” to get more this week: ___________________________

Be heard. Be challenged. Become.

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