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Coaching. Exceptional results. Extraordinary life.

Ready to implement change within your company? How about change within your life?

For an organization to change, the leadership first defines and aligns with the mission, vision and values of the company.

Professional coaching is a powerful tool to promote this process leading to goal attainment and professional fulfillment! The same is true for implementing change with your life. Defining your personal vision, mission and values and aligning your life choices with them creates forward movement with joy and ease.

As your coach, I hear your dreams, support your plans and challenge you to align with your core values and mission. I ask you to listen to your wisdom, and take your next steps to reach beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary.

Coaching packages are customized to fit your needs.

Coaching is an investment in your Self. When preparing to invest, it is sound practice to investigate options and identify what is needed to get an excellent return on your investment. As you consider hiring me as your coach, it is my pleasure to offer you a complimentary consultation by telephone. During this time we have the opportunity to connect and determine if our skills and styles are a good match. Once that is determined, I will ask when you'd like to begin.

You are right where you need to be if...

  • You are a motivated professional
  • You strive to live life in a way that brings honor to yourself and others
  • You handle a lot of chaos, yet truly value inner peace
  • You want to maximize your results and aren't going to settle for less

“After one year working with Rachelle, I had increased my pre-bonus net profits by 85%.”   - GS, Financial Advisor

"When I started working with Rachelle, I knew that if I didn't make some changes, I'd be headed for burnout. I'm now in the top 10% of my firm's producers, the top 10% of the client experience indicator scores, and judging from conversations with my colleagues, my inner peace and joy is in the top 10% as well. Rachelle continually challenges me to think outside the box, and encourages me to stay true to my inner-wisdom when the world is pushing me in places I know won't fit with my dreams and goals long term."  -KM, Financial Advisor

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The Coaching Clinic: Coaching skills for managers

Does your organization need to develop talent? Maximize your talent potential by empowering your Managers with Coaching skills. Coaching provides development at an individual, team and organizational level. Create a culture shift to getting results through coaching. One and two day training options available. Licensed Facilitator through Corporate Coach U. Click Here for More Information.

"The Coach U coaching clinic for Leaders was a training that helped our organizational leaders feel more confident about how to navigate personnel conversations and develop additional leaders. Rachelle's presentation style was comfortable, responsive, and engaging.  The course tools were helpful, and the opportunity to role play skills was very beneficial." Leslie Bjork, PsyD, LP, Executive Director, Elizabeth Layton Center, Inc.

Understanding Yourself and Others for Successful Relationships

A great team builder! Rachelle delivers a powerful and playful workshop where participants assess their own personality style. Four colors are used to describe personality styles and how they relate, or don't always relate, to each other. You will gain insight into your own personality style, while gaining a better understanding of how to relate to other personality styles at work, at home and in social relationships.

Half day or full day workshop designed to promote team-building and relationship enhancement. (True Colors and Personality Dimensions Certified facilitator)

Your next Step

Identify your next step(s) as an organization, navigate obstacles, and create a plan to move it forward. Powerful for moving your goals forward!

Strengths, Needs, and ACTION!

Assess your team's unique strengths and needs in a relaxed environment. Rachelle facilitates in partnership with your team as they create action steps to support the team's success in meeting organizational goals.