Small Kindnesses

Yesterday I attended a colleague’s memorial service, where many recounted the “small kindnesses” that she had extended to staff, to clients, and to the community she served in her work as a receptionist.

It caused me to ponder…Is there really such a thing as “small” kindnesses?  A cup of water (often free) is a BIG gift to a person who is thirsty.  A smile or a word of encouragement to a person who is grieving can be life changing.

Reaching out to another human being and touching the heart is an act of kindness. And the beautiful thing about “small” is that small tends to be doable. So if “small” really exists in the world of kindness, maybe, just maybe, small is better.

May we all be inspired to live this legacy by extending small kindnesses each day!

The invitation: Commit to an act of “small kindness” each day this week!

Thanks for the small kindnesses you extend each day to your family,
friends, and to the community you reside in!

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