Spring Cleaning

It’s spring.  This is the time around the house when we roll up our sleeves and do some deep cleaning – get rid of what’s no longer needed and put a shine on everything else.  This process not only makes the place look better, but it gives us a greater sense of completeness knowing that we’ve “taken back” our environment. It gives us new energy to live more fully. 

The same principle can be applied to your career or business.  Take a good look and see what needs to be “cleaned up” in order to move it forward. What areas are in need of your attention in order to really shine? What needs to be delegated to someone else? Are there employee issues to be addressed? Tough conversations and decisions that have been lingering? And is there something you can do to make your business or career more rewarding to you?  Identify the top 3 things that need attention, and begin with at plan to clean them up this week!

Top Three Things:




How I will begin to address them this week: __________________________________________

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