Spring Training: Ready. Practice. Success.

It’s spring!  A few years ago I lived near Phoenix, AZ. Each spring the city was alive and energized as it hosted many big league baseball teams for Spring Training – all getting in their best shape, both as individuals and as teams, to play a winning season of big league baseball.

Spring is a reminder that it’s time to get in great shape to prep for your winning season.  Just as you commit to exercise to keep your body in excellent condition; other areas of your life require the same level of commitment to get into great shape. For successful professionals, winning involves “committed practice” to be at your best each day. 

How about you?

  • Are you ready to win when you get up and play each day?
  • What’s holding you back?

Hit the rewind button and review your day. Notice anything that is keeping your from achieving your best results, then create a plan to practice new ways of achieving what you really want!

This week I invite you to review your game plan and commit to daily practices that have you winning your big game! 

What “game” do you want to play bigger this spring?

What holds you back?

How will you move forward today? This week?

Who will keep you inspired and accountable for your action?

Hit one out of the park!
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