Strengthening Through the Storm

I just returned from Houston, Texas where Hurricane Ike had blown in a few days earlier that week. Communities there were still reeling from the storm – curfews, power outages, flooding, and damaged homes were some of the more obvious effects of Ike.

As my dear friend talked about Ike’s impact over a cup of coffee, she shared that she was getting to know her neighbors much better, and that in many neighborhoods, families hit by the storms were joining each other outdoors to grill community dinners, play with children who had no TV or electronic games, and that parents were helping one another clear debris and talk about the events that had transpired.

This reminded me that often the storms in life provide an opportunity to gain support and strengthen bonds with those around you. Even those you haven’t yet met can become part of an entrusted support system through the storms.

What storm are you aware of in your own life or the life of someone around you? ______________________________________________

What action can you take this week that will strengthen your sense of community and connectedness through the storm?

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