Surfing the Waves of Change

Each day many people experience stress, worry and uncertainties both at home and at work. The effects of stress are linked to illness, dissatisfaction, and low productivity. 

How do you cope? Or even better, how do you ride the waves of stress and uncertainty? I recommend a surf board. Now, this may not include going out to purchase an actual board, but how about creating a visual that helps you to see the daily waves of stress as something that you are equipped with the skills and the resources to navigate?

Our perspective on a situation tends to create our reality, so by visualizing yourself as a skilled surfer of life, with the tools necessary to manage the waves of uncertainty, you experience a greater sense of mastery, knowing that whatever comes your way, it is just another wave to be surfed. And if a wave knocks you down, use your board to float until you are ready to surf another wave! (Maybe even take a couple of surfing lessons to gain a new level of mastery!)

One wave (stress or challenge) in my life I would like to start surfing: ____________________________

How I can view the situation differently so as to have me surfing the wave: ________________________

A new skill I will learn or practice to master: ________________________________________________

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