Taking Flight

Last week I visited Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where just a little over 100 years ago the Wright brothers were the first to successfully fly an air plane. I noticed a few points that seemed foundational in making their dream “take flight” and I’d like to share them with you:

1. It started with a dream – The Wright brothers were bicycle repair guys who had a dream of taking flight. 

2. They were passionate about making it happen – They actually packed up and moved to Kitty Hawk where they could focus on their goal, leaving everything else behind for a time.

3. They had each other for support – Having a  brother there who believed in the project was like putting wind beneath each other’s wings. When they were frustrated, they consoled and challenged each other to keep moving.

4. Even when it seemed impossible, they kept trying – In 1901 Orville Wright said it would be a thousand years before man took flight. Two years later, in 1903, they successfully took flight – four times in one day, going a bit further each time they launched.

5. They had no idea how greatly their achievement would impact us today – They had a dream, and others continue to build on their dream, so that it changes the way we live and work and will continue to make a profound impact on humankind.

So today, I invite you to:
1. Acknowledge your dream.

2. Be passionate about making it happen.
3. Have people in your life who believe in your success.
4. Even when it seems impossible, keep believing in your dream.
5. Know that what you achieve today may have a future impact completely unknown to you.

What is the dream in your life or business that you wish to move forward?
This week, how will you commit to making it happen?

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