The Law of Recency

The Law of Recency – or “What have you done for me LATELY?”

In the early 1900’s psychologist Edward Thorndike coined several “laws of learning.” His “Law of Recency” states that things you have learned or encountered most recently are best remembered (and can interfere with old learning.)

In business this translates in a couple of significant ways:

1.     Even if you had a difficult transaction previously (old learning), you can do something now that will strengthen the relationship, and there is a chance that your company’s most recent interaction with the customer will be remembered more vividly than the previous, problem interaction.

2.     If you have a good relationship with your customers, yet haven’t done anything recently that would remind them of your good will, (such as sending a note, a coupon, a phone call, etc.) NOT taking a positive, pro-action can erode your business relationship. (This works for personal relationships as well.)

This week I invite you to continue to connect with your customers (and potential customers) through advertizing, personal contact, follow up, special promotions, etc. Let them know you are there offering them a valuable service/product, and do something that puts you in the forefront of their thinking!

One way I will use the “Law of Recency” this week:


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