The Only Way to Lead

Example is not the main thing in influencing others – it is the only thing.   – Albert Schweitzer

Yesterday I met a new neighbor –  a “young” military man, and his two year old son who was not quite talking yet, but was at that phase where he was babbling a mile-a-minute, and seemed to know exactly what he was saying, just nothing I could understand.

We were all  returning from the neighborhood mail boxes, chatting and walking down our quiet street. The vocal toddler walked in the street with us, while his dad asked him several times to move over to the side walk. I couldn’t help but to say to the young father, “you can tell them what you want all day long, but they will ultimately do what they see you doing. As we both moved over to walk on the sidewalk, the little toddler followed right behind us, chattering all the way back to the house, never realizing how he had become the teacher, helping his father learn a big lesson that day!

Reflection and Practice for the week:

One person you admire as a leader? ____________

How did “being an example” play into their leadership style?______

One place in your life or business where being an excellent example has made a difference:______________

One place in your life or business where I want to practice leading by example this week: ________________

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