The “Re-think Process”

I recently worked with a CEO who was hesitant to confront one of his executive team members because the CEO thought she would be offended by the concern. We spent a few minutes discussing the situation and I invited him to look at the interaction as a development opportunity. As he began to see this process as part of his role, and his commitment to develop future leaders, the possibilities for the conversation became much more attractive and therefore much more doable.

Albert Einstein, 1921 Nobel Prize winner for Physics, stated that; “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Today I invite you to gain a new view on a tough situation. Move your thinking to a different level through this quick “re-think process.”

The Re-think Process:

1. Identify one thing in your business or your life that you would currently describe as a “problem.”
2. Now take a minute to really play with this situation, re-thinking it as each the following:
        a.  a challenge to overcome
        b.  an opportunity to embrace
        c. a gift to you
3. If you normally sit while thinking, stand up or walk around. Even consider dancing, playing music or running while you think.

4. Notice what happens to your thoughts and emotions when you view the “problem” as a challenge, an opportunity or a gift.

The problem isn’t the problem. Frequently it’s the thinking about the problem, or even labeling it as a “problem,” that holds us back.

One “problem” I will use the “Re-think process” on today: ___________________________________________________
What I notice as I consider this problem as a challenge, an opportunity and a gift: ________________________________

Be heard. Be challenged. Become.

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