The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Have you ever been in heavy traffic, just waiting for an opening while trying to turn on to a busy street, and thought you’d never get in – then all of the sudden someone slows down and waves you in? What a great feeling! And then what happens in you? It’s likely that you soon see someone else that needs to get into traffic, and you slow down to wave them in as well.

That’s the power of The Ripple Effect.

(We’ve all seen the picture of the stone that it tossed into the water, and how the ripples extend on far beyond the place the stone made entry.)

The ripple effect of kindness is powerful – the kind words, tone, and actions that we extend to our customers will eventually be extended by them on to others. So, in reality, your kind actions help to create a response that encourages the extension of kindness to others. It may not always happen immediately, but by extending kindness, we end up creating the environment we all want to experience ourselves!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  – Gandhi

Each day this month initiate one daily act of kindness. Record your intentional acts on the calendar. (Do more if you like).

My act of kindness for today: ________________________________

Enjoy knowing that each act causes “the ripple effect” and other lives are impacted for good by your kindness!

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