The Slight Edge

Very small changes can have a huge impact over time. This, in essence, is what author Jeff Olson refers to in his book on success entitled The Slight Edge. 

Frequently people think success comes through big breakthroughs or quantum leaps, yet a powerful success philosophy that is both doable and sustainable isThe Slight Edge – taking a slight amount of action each day that moves you closer to your desired outcomes, both in business and in life. For instance, if you want to get in better physical shape, the slight edge works for you when you start exercising 20 minutes each day. Yet the slight edge can work against you as well. We don’t achieve our goals when we take action that moves us away from them. The slight edge works against you if you decide to eat a second dessert regularly. Neither of these choices – daily walking or daily desserts, will have a big impact on you over the first few weeks, yet over time those slight edge choices will begin to show up in your waistline! This philosophy can be applied to reducing debt, saving for retirement, growing your business and improving your relationships as well.Small, consistant choices over time add up to big results!

The author uses the following example to show the power of the “Slight Edge” philosophy. If you were to improve just .003 each day – that’s only three-tenths of one percent, a very slight edge – and you kept that up for the next five years, here’s what would happen:

  • The first year you would improve 100 percent.
  • The third year you would improve 400 percent.
  • By the end of year five – simply by improving three-tenths of one percent per day – you will have magnified your value, your skills, and the results you accomplished 1600 percent!

What “slight edge” action will you take this week to move towards your desired future? _________________
Keep moving in the direction of your dreams!

Special thanks to Bella Nylander of DB Enterprises for sharing this book with me.

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