The Strength of Your Arrow

Last week we took a look at aiming your arrow at your target.  This week consider the qualities of your arrow.

What makes your arrow (your goal or intention) move powerfully in the direction you want it to go?  A great aim on your part, a steady arm and lots of practice are all needed. 

And then there is the arrow itself. 

Does your arrow have structural integrity? Is it sturdy, with no kinks, bends or missing feathers? When your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all aligned with  your target, this creates a powerful force – a sturdy arrow moving to achieve your desired target. This week take a look to see how your actions, your values and the words you use are all in alignment. This will help you move powerfully towards your desired target goal.

One thought that will help me move powerfully towards my goal: ___________ 

One action I am taking this week that will also move me towards my goal:


This week take time each day to acknowledge your power to make it happen!

 Feelings:  Are you energized by, or compelled towards your target?  Do you feel a lightness knowing that you will achieve it?  If not, it may be time for a shift in your thinking, or a change of target. 

 Words:  What are you saying to yourself and others about moving in the direction of your dreams?  Are you affirming your desired goal?  Or do you find yourself using words like “trying,”  “maybe,” “if,” etc.? 

Actions:  Each day take one specific action that moves you closer to your target.  It may be a simple as visualizing the target, or asking for what you need to make it happen. 

 If this target is the desire of your heart, know that the Universe will conspire with you to make it happen!

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