The Value of the Stinky Stuff

For those of you who have lived near a farm, or have planted a garden using fertilizer, you probablly know what fertilizer is and how offensive it smells – pretty stinky. Yet that stinky stuff is required to get the maximum yield on crops that have been planted. Wtihout fertilizer, you can’t begin to get those results. 

Today I invite you to see your “failures” as fertilizer that will increase your results both in life and in business.  Maybe failure is just a perspective, and when you shift your perspective your failures become experiences, or fertilizer, to make your life that much richer.

My challenge to you is to reframe that experience as fertilizer growing you on your path to greatness! 

What experience has felt like failure for you recently? ____________________________ 

How can this experience serve to make your life richer? __________________________________ 

Know that beauty and bounty will emerge from this  experience.  As we know from planting, there is an incubation period before the beauty is seen.  It may take some time for the growth to become evident. Trust the process – it is good.

Be heard. Be challenged. Become.

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