Transforming Fear

News about the economy, personal issues, business down turns, and relationship changes can all create strong feelings of fear. While fear is helpful in letting us sense danger, (as in the “flight or fight” response when our survival is threatened) many fears are a response to the unknown, both in business and in life.

·         How will we survive in this economic downturn?

·         Where will we get the resources needed to stay profitable?

·         What will happen to me if my partner leaves?

Often fear causes us to react with protective responses. Some are prudent, while others can actually limit thinking and prevent us from seeing the possibilities created because of the situation at hand. Frequently the fears are so emotionally based that we don’t consider the skills and resources we have available to manage the situation causing us fear. If your business (and life) is being impacted by the current economic conditions, take time to do the following:

1.     State your intention: “I will move forward wisely and create the results I really want.” Repeat it daily and know you can do it.

2.     Ask your support team of experts for their input on how to best move forward and position yourself at this time.

3.     Take time to reflect – look at the big picture and see what really wants to happen in your life. Try journaling about your concerns, or discuss with a close friend and gifted listener. (A coach is a great option for helping transform fear into forward momentum!)

4.     See this time as a gift that you will learn and grow through.

This week, I invite you to transform your fear into forward movement!

What FEAR has you being less productive this week: ____________________________

How can you use this fear (or reinterpret it) to propel you forward?_________________

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