Try Not!

“Try not! Do or do not. There is no try. – Yoda (Star Wars Jedi Master)

Today I would like to invite you to stop trying to get the results you want. Yes, I really did say “stop trying!” – Today is the day to stop trying…and instead to put in motion the actions that will get you there!

Words are incredibly powerful. When you say you are “trying to lose weight” or “trying to start a new process at your business” it sounds as though there is a strong chance that you won’t make it. This language  takes away from the power of your resolve. Instead of “trying”, use statements like “I am losing weight starting today” or “We are implementing a new process that will be fully operational by the end of August.” Your mind responds to the messages that you speak. Make your statements powerful and see how “not trying” will help you achieve the results you really want!

One thing you have been “trying” to accomplish: _______________________________

Your revised statement of resolve to do it: __________________________________

Action you are taking this week to move you in the direction of your goal: __________

Go get ‘um!

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