Voice Your Preference!

In the U.S., this week we are preparing to cast our votes in the National Elections.

It is both a privilege and a civic responsibility to vote on Election Day. I want to encourage each of you to take the time and state your preferences at the polls on Tuesday!

Now, let’s take a look at your preferences in your life – Are you giving a voice to your preferences?

Often what we want in life remains elusive because we do not clearly state our desires.   What is it that you want deep inside you?  Is it a preference you can share clearly with yourself, and then with someone else?  By stating your preference, you give it substance.  The Universe can then begin to put into motion all that is needed to support your heart’s desire.

As a child many of us had a parent or caregiver who could sense what we wanted, and would work to make it happen. As an adult, when you want something, you are your best advocate.  Speak up and be heard.

     Here is this week’s challenge:

1.  State a preference each day. Tell someone who can help you get what you want.  This includes anything from where you want to go for lunch, or who you want to spend time with, to the job or volunteer position you wish to obtain.

 2.  Write down what you know you want, deep inside yourself.  Just consider the possibility of it this week!

Tip – Stating preferences includes taking risks. Realize that your risks will shake things up.  When things are shaken, lots of time the chaff falls away and you are left with what really matters.

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