What Fills Your Cup?

Renew, refresh, restore, rejuvenate, recreate. All of these are terms to describe what we need in order to feel our best and do our best. Some call it “filling your cup.”

Sometimes work “fills your cup,” and other times, you may experience something that leaves you feeling like your cup is empty. The important thing is to know when your cup is beginning to empty, and do what you need (take action) in order to fill it up again.

So what is it that fills your cup?  It may be time spent alone, or activities with others. Here are some things that may fill your cup:

1.   Time with family

2.   Reading a good book

3.   Prayer and meditation

4.   Exercise

5.   A good book and a cup of coffee

6.   A walk in nature

7.   Baking

8.   Calling a friend

9.   Writing

10.Making healthy food choices


12.Giving back


Whatever it is that fills your cup, make time to fill it. You are likely to be your best for others when your cup is full!

Tip: Practice asking directly for what you need to fill your cup this week!

REQUESTED ACTION: What will you do to fill your cup this week?

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