What You Resist Will Persist

Ever find yourself arguing with reality – thinking that your circumstances should be different than they are? For example….

My business shouldn’t be so small
I shouldn’t have to work so hard
My spouse shouldn’t criticize me
My kids ought to do something when I ask

When you resist the way things are currently by thinking that they should be different, you are judging your present reality – and  fighting against it.  It’s almost like thrashing around in a vast ocean when you don’t know how to swim. Pretty pointless. As long as you keep resisting it, it keeps getting the best of you.

One key to moving the circumstance forward is first accepting what it. Without judging it, fighting it, or generally resisting it, state your concern honestly, and accept it. This doesn’t mean you have to let it stay that way forever. In fact,

after deciding to accept (and no longer resist) your current situation, you can then make a clear decision to:
1. Continue with your reality as it is and decide to enjoy it
2. Continue with your reality as it is and be unhappy, frustrated or angry, or
3. Make a plan to begin changing whatever it is you initially found yourself resisting (optimistically – free of judgment.)

Identify one thing you are currently resisting: ____________________________

How you will accept it and move forward this week: _______________________

Hint:Accept by verbally stating:“Yes, it has been true that …(insert your concern), and now I am accepting it as so.” You may notice that you feel differently about the situation. It may bring up feelings, or new ideas. Then you can make your next step or plan.

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