What’s in your Harvest?

It’s already October!   And with the heat of summer behind us,
we”ve  moved into the season of harvest.

  • What seeds did you plant in the garden of your life this year? 
  • Are you giving them the time and energy they need to mature? 
  • At the close of the year , will you be harvesting the life of your dreams,
    or will it be just another year to check off of the calendar of your life?  

      This week I invite you to review your goals/intentions for the year
and answer these questions for yourself: 

1.  Do they still express your heart’s desire?

2.  Have you committed your Self, your energy, and your resources
     to bringing them to life?

3.  How will you show up  today to create your intentions?

Discipline” is doing what you want to do, even when you
  don”t want to do it.

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