What’s on your plate?

Have you ever been to one of those all-you-care-to-eat buffets where you feel compelled to put as many different items on the plate as will fit, and then get a second plate to carry desserts?  Even with the greatest of intentions, it’s nearly impossible to finish everything on the plate, and generally you are left feeling way too full and out of control.

Where in your life and in your business is there too much on your plate?

Have you carefully decided what will take your time and energy? Are there “to-do” items that are consistently pushed to the side, rather than moving forward with them? Keeping items on your agenda for too long can slow your momentum and leave you feeling frustrated or discouraged.  So here’s a recipe to get them off of your plate:

Make a list of the top 3 things that continue to show up on your to-do plate regularly.




Now pick one that you will commit to handling beginning this week. 

Start here:

1.   Give the task a date to be completed by.


2.  Decide if you need to do the task yourself, or if you can delegate

     some or all of it.      Circle one: SELF, DELEGATE, or Combination?

3.  Delegate it if you can. TO WHOM: _________________________

4.  Make a list of what you need in order to complete the task (time,

     money, training, hire someone to help, etc.) 

     LIST: ________________________________

5.  Commit to getting what you need to complete it.

6.  Schedule time in your appointment book to begin the process of

     completion. Keep scheduling time until it is completed.

     SCHEDULED TIME: ____________________

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