“You are Here”

“You are Here” – Right Where You Need to Be 

 Have you ever stopped to figure out your location at one of those maps in the big shopping malls? It always says “You are here.” And from that point on it’s easier to find your way to the various stores you want to visit.

Well, today I’d like to remind you that “you are here,” and no matter what your life experiences may be, each one of them has brought you to this very moment. And in this moment there is choice. You have been ushered right to the place where you need to be, in order to take your next step on the journey.

It’s true that some of your life experiences are challenging right now, and it is also true that you are completely capable of handling them, and anything else that may come your way.

Today I challenge you to trust your inner wisdom, celebrate where you are in your life, and commit to choices that support your greatness.  

My “Next Step” to support living my best life this week: ___________________________________ 

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